Friday, February 11, 2005


A full page article was written about CXB's campaign in last week's VILLAGER. A writer was in attendance at the press meeting on the steps of city hall, and here's her take on his platform.

NOTE: She misuses the word "slander" in the article, claiming that Christopher slandered Bloomberg and Ferrer. Christopher is an adamant fact-checker, constantly calling city hall's press office to verify information. That's how he got arrested last time - he called city hall's press office to fact-check, which irritated the writers and Bloomberg's spokespeople. They'd call him an idiot, ask if he had anything better to do than check details, and hang up on him. So, he'd call them back. They'd hang up again. So, he'd call them back. 1400 phone calls later, they had him arrested.

Why couldn't they have just answered his questions?

At any rate, we believe she uses the word "slander" here to mean "said challenging things about", because at no point during the press conference did Christopher slander anyone. Christopher doesn't NEED to lie about his opponents. They do all the lying FOR him.


Visit for more details about Christopher's campaign.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Trying To Find George Soros


I wrote an e-mail to Mr. Soros through his website a day or so after Chris was arrested by Mayor Bloomberg, asking to meet him and discuss the possibility of him helping to fund Christopher's campaign.

A few days, ago, I got a very blanket form letter e-mail from an Edward. It said that Mr. Soros wasn't interested in donating and couldn't answer my e-mail himself, because he couldn't answer every e-mail.

I wrote back, asking if Mr. Soros had been informed of my attempt to contact him at all.

Then, Michael Vachon wrote to me and said Mr. Soros couldn't respond to every e-mail and wasn't interested in contributing to ANY campaign.

I wrote back and re-asked if Mr. Soros had been informed of my attempt to contact him at all.

Mr. Vachon wrote back and said that Mr. Soros had NOT been informed of my attempt to contact him, and that's what Mr. Vachon got paid to do.

I wrote back once again, and said "Wouldn't you want to know if an articulate, intelligent, (not to mention, handsome) young woman wanted to get in touch with you?" So, now I will wait and see if Mr. Vachon writes back.

Or, Mr. Soros, if I'm lucky.

Christopher met with the publishers of a well-known NYC newspaper recently to discuss their interest in funding his campaign. So, at this point, we might not need any more contributions at all. I'd just like to speak with Mr. Soros, because it certainly wouldn't hurt to have him on our side.

So, if you know how I could personally contact Mr. George Soros, please e-mail me.

You may contact the campaign at
If you'd like to read 100 Innovations for NYC, an essay Christopher wrote, please visit