Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Tank Independent Candidates' Mayoral Forum

Think Different Forum, Leftover Candidates Forum:

I am live blogging from The Independent Candidates' Mayoral Forum. It's taking place at the Tank in Exile at 208 W. 37th Street.

Tracy McMillan from City Limits and Jarret Murphy of the Village Voice are moderating the event.

This event was made possible and coordinated by Justin Krebs, Campaign Manager of Parks 1, and he is also involved with ownership of the Tank Theater.

One question I'd like to ask, is, "Who smells like steak sandwiches?"

Here today is Seth Blum, education party, Christopher Brodeur, democrat, Tio Chino of the Green Party, Andy Horowitz of the Blog Party, Chris Riggs of the Green Party, and Audrey Silks, a libertarian.

Seth Blum is a teacher who hates Bloomberg.

Chris Brodeur started off cussing, and that's because he's angry. He doesn't want us to have to choose between one jerk and another jerk. So, he wants us to choose us. He also went over his time. He swore twice in his opening statement. Is that points for or against him?

Tio Chino is the most professional "looking" guy in the bunch, with nice glasses and a suit and tie. (Seth also had a suit and tie on but looks more playful in them.)

Andy Horowitz is running in the Blog Party, and is a writer, performer and cultural activist. He wants to use the power of the blog to help creat access to government for citizens.

Chris Riggs decided to start running for mayor because he saw a lunch program cut from a school program. It angered him, and he decided to do something about it - like, run for mayor. He also wants to end the war. He thinks this country needs a "fucking revolution." He said fucking like, four times. He's the only other one who swore. Chris Brodeur is going to have some stiff competition!

Audrey Silk is a very petite woman with problems with the government shoving their opinions and beliefs down our throats.


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