Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Very First Entry on CXB for NYC

Hello, friends. My name is Jessica Delfino. I'm the campaign manager for Christopher X. Brodeur, democratic mayoral candidate for NYC, 2005. I'm very excited to be managing this campaign, even though I have no experience in politics, because I do know the very basic premise that controls the political climate:

The state of the world.

I know that I am very unhappy about a lot of things the way they currently are here in NYC. I hate the subway, as do many of you. If you ride the subway, you've probably noticed by now that it's always dirty, and it always smells like urine. There are always panhandlers and homeless people begging on the train or sleeping in the cars. There are ear-piercing screeching sounds as subways rub the rails. The subways are so hot in the summertime, people pass out and DIE. There is always litter in the subways, and there is crime. There are fights, graffiti, and people pushing strangers in front of cars. There are rats. One time, I saw a man hurrying to a subway car accidentally slip on a rat. I swear that story is true. And I had to pay money for that. Twice, if you count taxes. (Fares only pay for a portion of subway maintenance and operation costs.)

I don't think that it's fair that the executives who make the decisions for us all at the MTA get to ride in perfectly heated chauffered cars, oblivious to the treacherous conditions in the subways. I don't think that it's fair that they get huge pay raises while my subway fare goes up. I don't think that it's fair that there's nothing I can do to change this city, to make it better.

That's why I'm getting behind Christopher. In order to have any change in NYC, we need a leader who is fearless, smart, bold, and honest. We need someone who will not be corrupted by money or power, who won't give up, who won't run away. I have seen him be relentless as a reporter. I'd expect even more from him as mayor. Christopher has proven to me over and over again that he is not concerned with money or power. He, and many, many New Yorkers, are disgusted by having to sit back and watch politicians lie and steal tax dollars. And he's not going to sit back and watch it happen. Why should he? And why should I? And why should you?

Chris is a long-shot candidate, but only because the media has smeared him in pseudo-loyalty to the politicians who pay their bills. If you go to his website, mayorbrodeur.org and read his innovations for NYC, by the end of it, you will be interested to find out more.

I encourage anyone to e-mail Christopher or myself with any questions, comments, advice, or what have you, be it good or bad - send your thoughts to:


I began this site because I was writing too much about Christopher on my own personal story blog. If you were trying to find my personal blog, please visit www.jessydelfino.blogspot.com. As of now, I will not be posting any Christopher X. Brodeur related information on my personal blog. Instead, you will find it here, at www.mayorbrodeur.blogspot.com.

A Note About My Personal Blog: My personal blog consists of only information and facts about my regular, normal life as a dream chaser in NYC. It is not intended for the faint of heart, or for people who don't like mature content, or for children.


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