Friday, February 11, 2005


A full page article was written about CXB's campaign in last week's VILLAGER. A writer was in attendance at the press meeting on the steps of city hall, and here's her take on his platform.

NOTE: She misuses the word "slander" in the article, claiming that Christopher slandered Bloomberg and Ferrer. Christopher is an adamant fact-checker, constantly calling city hall's press office to verify information. That's how he got arrested last time - he called city hall's press office to fact-check, which irritated the writers and Bloomberg's spokespeople. They'd call him an idiot, ask if he had anything better to do than check details, and hang up on him. So, he'd call them back. They'd hang up again. So, he'd call them back. 1400 phone calls later, they had him arrested.

Why couldn't they have just answered his questions?

At any rate, we believe she uses the word "slander" here to mean "said challenging things about", because at no point during the press conference did Christopher slander anyone. Christopher doesn't NEED to lie about his opponents. They do all the lying FOR him.


Visit for more details about Christopher's campaign.


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