Wednesday, August 10, 2005


SETH: I'd like to employ everyone on this panel in my cabinet because I respect them all. I'm running to have a voice for teachers. The city says, don't be creative. Here's a script. That's not the way we should treat teachers. This isn't a business. We're creating active independent learners. You have to work with the teachers. Those are the people that WANT to be doing that. Who teaches to make a profit? No one. Most people do it to try to help people. is my website. We need more signatures. Please sign my petition. We need more voices and more choices. Thank you.

CHRIS BRODEUR: Three points - whatever it takes, we have to get rid of Mike Bloomberg. I'd even vote for Ferrer. The media won't tell you half of Bloomberg's scandals. I tell you on my website some of his scandals. Bloomberg got accused of contempt of court and used tax dollars to pay the lawsuits.

Thomas Jefferson said, "You people will not fight back and govt. will rape you for the rest of your lives." I'm leaving this city after the election. I don't expect to win. When people hear me debate, they know I'm superior to all the candidates in office. They see that those people are empty suits. The media is lying. I'm running to raise issues. Does anyone know Bloomberg's program to reform the MTA? No! Because he doesn't have one! Vote for me, or kiss your city goodbye.

TIO: Thank you for organizing this forum. I decided to run because it's a better way to raise issues than just raising letters. In my neighborhood, it took us four years to move a bus stop. To go to work from my house, it takes 2 hours, using public transportation. I have to pollute much more just to go to work, because I use a motorcycle. Something is not right. I realize something is wrong. I asked people why they aren't feeling that pain. They told me politics are in the bathroom. That's a spanish statement, I guess it doesn't translate. I hope to bring green issues - democracy, economical justice, and other issues to the forefront and help bring change one step further.

BROMOWITZ: NYC is my laboratory, my life, I've taught in public schools. I'd like to see communities improve, people using the city as a second home should pay through the nose. I'd like to see 91% tax bracket for the rich again. The money is out there and can be used for these services. I wouldn't use it like we did on June 14th to arrest the community. I would provide police who live in the communities with a housing assingment. I'd improve class sizes and double teachers salaries. What happened recently with test scores? They improved, because they lowered the passing rates. Some principles are getting 77,000 bonuses due to that. I'd consult every neighborhood in the city and find where the need is the greatest, and then provide that.

ANDY: When I first started running, everyone said, Hey, isn't that a stupid idea? And I said, yes. But I decided this was not a stupid idea, this is a great idea. And I've never felt stronger about that. We are all in agreement for affordable housing, education, giving people a voice in government. This forum speaks for the fact that the people of NYC are not being listened to. If any of us can learn for this, vote for whoever you think is best. Let's look at how to build collaborative ways of working together. There are more of us than there are of them, and if we start working together, we can create change and take back New York for New Yorkers.

CHRIS RIGGS: I just would like to thank everyone for coming down. I'd like to thank the Tank for throwing the show. Nov. 12th, vote for Chris Riggs. I mean, Nov. 8th. There's always the AK 47 option, but I didn't say that.

AUDREY: One thing I said to the city panel is, Bloomberg comes in here, and he's not even a Mets fan. So they said, He's a Yankees fan? Under his shirt, he's got this Boston Redsox shirt. He's trying to see us as a product to sell to others. He wants his clients to come to NYC and see how much fun we're having, which we're not. We're great believers in personal responsibility. You depend on yourself to get to where you can to achieve things. Don't rely on government. They do things for your own good that aren't in your best interest, they're in their own. Emminent domain is bs. Bars are private property.


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