Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Question: Immigrants are unable to vote...what will you do to fix it?

TIO: I suggest they allow residents to vote. They pay their taxes, so they should be allowed to vote. I support this measure. Quickly, I'd like to talk about affordable housing. I haven't heard about transportation. If it takes too long to get from home to work, that doesn't help affordable housing. Force MTA to use the LIRR and Metronorth and let them use both within the city limits. Now, from Bronx to midtown is three stops.

ANDY: I think in principle it sounds like a good idea. There are privileges associated with citizenship and it is important to strike a balance. It's important on a federal level now, too. I would say, it's worth looking into, but not lightly.

AUDREY: I agree, but I'd take it a step further. When you come here, people see America as the land of opportunity. Why wouldn't you strive to become a full citizen? Why not become a legal candidate? Voting should be a reward for those who take the appropriate steps to become a citizen. Take the test, study, go in front of a judge. Why let them linger as a legal resident, but not a citizen?

TIO REBUT: Well, legal resident happen to serve in the military, so they're ready to vote. The second part is that certain citizens don't get the full array of other countries. Like, we don't get universal healthcare in the US.

ANDY REBUT: I have to be honest, that is informative to me. I just don't know enough about it. It's a zenophobic approach of opening the boat to anybody, and how you balance it all while making sure there are privileges.

AUDREY REBUT: These people should be given the privilege to healthcare? Go through the appropriate steps. There are many people who are waiting in line in their country to do it the legal way because these other immigrants aren't going about it the right way. We will collapse under that burden if we allow it to go on.


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