Wednesday, August 10, 2005

FIRST QUESTION: What do you hope to accomplish as a longshot candidate?

These responses are mostly quoted, but I'm missing some words as I'm typing fast!

ANDY: I'm not expecting to win. I think that the whole reason I started campaigning is because I feel that average people don't have a voice in government. (Chris Riggs got up to take a cell phone call in the middle of Andy's question.) I've been going out and meeting people, and that is concrete. I've been documenting going out and talking to people, so there is some concrete evidence, but there is also the experience of it and I'm trying to share the real reasons why people don't have access to government.

AUDREY: I've had a good repoir with the media due to my anti-smoking protest. It's a larger problem that we don't want to grow and fester. An example of my accomplishment was a lawsuit against the city and the smoking ban. Unfortunately, the court ruled against me in the end, and we disagreed with his ruling, but I've gone to Albany, I've held private meetings with Gifford Miller, Christine Quinn and others, so they all know me and recognize me. At least I'm accomplishing getting attention that some of the third party candidates don't get.

CHRIS RIGGS: What was the question again? (He is reinformed). I want to start a revolution in the city. What a lot of people forget is that this country was created with a revolution. Fuck Bloomberg, seriously. I'm glad I'm a longshot. I am ready to start shooting mother fuckers. Seriously! Seriously! That's the way politics were done 200 years ago, when the English were here taking our money. We put caps in their asses! I'll call up the Columbians and the Italians. Bush was here for two minutes flying around in a helicopter. I was going to buy a rocket launcher from the Iraqis or something!

AUDIENCE QUESTION: How would you create relief to artists so they can afford the cost of living while creating art?

SETH: Art is very important. I would increase education at the school level. Music is an art, we don't have a music teacher. I talked to an artist on the subway who has no insurance. How can you live like this? We need a comprehensive program to help artists who are working as waiters and waitresses and jobs that don't cover health insurance. We'd like to see housing combined into a self-sustained community. It will help small businesses. If people get benefits from shopping in the commercial stores in the community, maybe they could have health insurance that way.

TIO: The Green Party has two ideas. The first one is the universal health care to help any person to be able to have decent health. The second plan is called Basic Income Guaranteed. Basically it helps anyone who is struggling to have minimum wage with survival. They would be able to get the minimum to be able to survive.

CHRIS BRODEUR: I have more comprehensive programs than you can imagine. NYC spends 115 million dollars in the program, and that's ridiculous. Artists don't get any money. Gov gives money to The Met. They don't need the money. Your tax dollars are funding art, but not really. Go to my website, see 100 innovations, I get into details about affordable housing. Example: You don't know the reason they created cities was to lower the cost of expenses. Con Ed needs 200 miles of cable in the country. In the city, they need two feet. So why is everything cheaper in the country? You've been railroaded your whole life! Big business is ripping you off!


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