Wednesday, August 10, 2005

BROMOWITZ intro, next series of questions

BROMOWITZ wants to get rid of cars and put more trains around. Cars are carcinogens. The asthma rates are high, cars will eventually bring down the economy.

QUESTION: Audience: If you could say one thing to Bloomberg, what would it be?

CHRIS RIGGS: Fuck you!

TIO: I would ask him to come up to 137th street and enjoy a nice basketball game with the dumpster and the smell coming out. I'd ask him to look at that and say, did you fix problems? We don't have any trees up there, either.

BROMOWITZ: Affordable housing - nothing has been done on this issue. Politicians are downloading child porn, etc. under Giuliani. People's space is being invaded by landlords. No landlord increases until they open their books. Same for the MTA.

ANDY: I'm not as angry at Bloomberg, but I happen to know he gives to a lot of good causes. I'd ask him when he plans to start caring about the people of NY instead of giving perks and cozying up to big business friends.

CHRIS BRODEUR: A million things, but simple one: He's spent his whole life naming things after himself. If you care about your legacy, then start listening to the people you swore to serve. Come to forums. He won't go to any forums. He doesn't care what the people have to say. That's no way to create a legacy.

CHRIS RIGGS: Basically, if you look at Bloomberg and all his friends, a lot of them are heavy real estate investors, and they aren't building affordable housing. There will be no affordable housing in NYC, period. That's why you've got to shoot his ass.

Next Question: There is an affordable housing shortage. The neighborhoods usually don't want it, though. How do you provide it while keeping in mind the problems that could arise?

CHRIS BRODEUR: All the proceeds from Battery Park City was supposed to go to affordable housing. Dinkins and Giuliani took that money to fix their shoddy books. We don't have affordable housing, because people say it doesn't work. Funny, Giuliani snuck his friends into Sty Town for affordable housing in the front of the waiting list. Go to Sty Town and look for yourself. It's another lie. Go to my website and read my details on 100 innovations. You've heard about inclusionary zoning. Give a developer tax breaks, they'll give affordable housing. After ten years, those rates go up. They're using your money to build fancy condos.

BROMOWITZ: There is a big defecit in affordable housing. There are hundreds of millions of dollars for stadiums. Where did that money come from? I'd use that for affordable housing. Now they're trying to do this in Brooklyn. No one seems to be protesting. There is affordable housing everywhere. We can build nice housing. We can build small scale housing. This can be done and it should be done, but the money is being spent to pay off developers.

CHRIS RIGGS: There are out of work carpenters and contractors who can build! The Trade Towers haven't even been rebuilt yet! Just start building everywhere in NYC! There are 8 million people here. After 9/11 more people moved here. Now, the rents are all skyrocketing and everyone is leaving. Everyone is like, what the fuck? They're working as a waiter, then they have to pay their landlord $8000 a month. We gotta build. Anybody who can build, seriously should be building. Right now, the real estate market is so tight! They don't want more apartments. That will loosen it up.

CHRIS BRODEUR: There's no affordable housing crisis, there's only corrupt government. Did you know Guiliani and Bloomberg warehoused 5000 empty apartments? They are empty. They say they're renovating housing for the handicapped. They're lying. It's a total lie.

BROMOWITZ: You can provide affordable housing, as long as the people are involved in deciding. Police should live in their community. Contractors and police come from outside communities.


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